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[de] (grammatical function) [] get, reach, achieve [děi] should/must; (HDZ:) …

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³de {A} inf. (used in r.v.)kàn∼jiàn 看∼见 able to sees.p. (used to link a verb and the manner clause that follows it)shuō ∼ kuài 说∼快 speak quicklydà ∼ nábudòng 大∼拿不动 so big that it can't be movedcmp. (potential complement)Tā hǎo le, xiànzài chī∼ le. 他好了, 现在吃∼了。 He's well again and can eat now.
děi {A} aux. mustv. 〈coll.〉needWọ̌ dẹ̌i zǒu le. 我∼走了。 I must go.should be
¹dé {A} v.getresult inbe fit/properbe satisfiedbe finished∼le, bié shuō le. ∼了, 别说了。 OK! OK! That's enough.

In Shuōwén the character 得(​𢔶) dé ‘get’ combines ​ chì ‘go/walk (slowly)’ on the left, and ​(​) dé ‘get’ on the right; ​ itself is defined twice in SW: first (under ​ radical) it is simply defined as an abbrev. form of 得; later (under ​ radical) it is given its own entry, and there said to combine ​ jiàn ‘see’ and ​ ‘measure (the pulse)’; this kind of duplication is seen in Chinese dictionaries when there are variant/competing analyses of the semantics and component structure.
    Older graphs (OBI) associated with 得/​(​𡬩𠭁𥃷𧴫) are said to combine ​ bèi ‘cowrie-shell (money)’ (not ​, as in the Seal) and ​ ‘hand’ (get your hands on some cash).
    Note: In the modern forms 得/​, the old component ​/​ is reduced to ​ dàn ‘dawn’.
    Note: 得 děi ‘must/should’ is said to be an extension of ‘get/achieve’ (one must get money).
    Compare: ​ dé ‘virtue’ (​), formerly wr. ​(​), ​𢜖, and assoc. with 得.
    HDZ: 得 : dé : (​) ​; 得​, ​得 (ant. ​); ​得; ​, ​; ​, ​; ​, ​; ​便, ​; ​, ​; ​, ​; ​, ​; ​; ​, ​; ​, ​; ​, ​; (​) (​; ​); (​) (​; ​); (​) ​ • děi : (​) dé : ​, ​ • de : (​) ​, ​ (​得); (​得​); ​: ​; (​)
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