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(=​𧣖𧤓𦍥𦍔) [tuó] hornless ox (=​) [] (pron.) it (=​)

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¹tā* [-/​] {A} pr.hesheitthey (referring to inanimate things in object position)Lí dōu làn le, zuìhǎo bǎ ∼ rēng le. 梨都烂了, 最好把∼扔了。 The pears have all spoiled; better throw them away.b.f. other; another ►qítā 其他 ►tārén 他人 ►tāchù 他处
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From ​ (niú) ‘ox’ (as in ​ ‘thing’), and ​ yě; formerly wr. ​/​, with ​/​ tā (phonetic), or simply ​.
    Note: In simple-form texts wr. ​ tā ‘it’; in full-form texts wr. 牠 and ​, 牠 is used more often for animals, and ​ for inanimate objects.
    HDZ: 牠 : tuó : ​ • tā : (​) ​: ​
►Cantonese: ta\
►references: Hànyǔ Dà Zìdiǎn:3.1803.1; Mathews:5961; Kāngxī Zìdiǎn:697.09
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Unicode: U+7260
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