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[yīn] cause; 因​ because; ​因 reason; (HDZ:) ​, ​ …; ​沿, ​ …; (​)

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The Shuōwén Seal form of 因 yīn ‘because of, rely/depend on’ (great/prior ancestor/causality, old customs) combines ​ wéi ‘enclosure’ (bounds/scope), and ​ dà ‘big/great’ (extent, man with arms extended, spread wide): the arms extended define the bounds/limits of one's reach/influence; what one can reach, one can do/cause; what one has reached, one has influenced/caused; what reaches one, exerts its influence.
    Compare: ​ yīn ‘seat cushion/padding in a wagon; mat/mattress/bedding’; ​ yīn ‘betroth (marry off) a daughter’; ​ ēn ‘favor/grace/kindness’ (​).
    Compare: ​ qiú ‘imprison/prisoner’ (imprisoned because of a crime); ​(​𥁕) wēn ‘food/kindness to (enemy) prisoners; mild/gentle’.
    Compare: ​ kùn ‘old/walled farmstead/orchard’ (䷮).
    Older graphs associated with 因 are said to depict a ​ person lying on a ​ mattress, cf. ​ yīn ‘cushion/mattress’ (​).
    Compare: ​宿(​𠉦𠈇𡖕); ​𠩛(​) xí ‘(plaited/woven reed/rush/straw) sitting/sleeping mat’; ​𡜰(​𡞔), cf. ​.
    HDZ: 因 : yīn : (SW: ​) ​, ​ (因​; 因​) (cf. ​, ​); ​沿, ​ (因​, ​因) (cf. ​); ​, ​; ​, ​; ​因, ​ (​因, ​因, ​因, ​因​); (​) 因​ (Hetupratyaya); (​) ​; (​) 因​ (Hetuvidya); ​, ​, ​; (​) ​, ​, ​; (​) 因​, ​; ​; (​)
►references: Guǎngyùn:101.33; Wieger:60b; Karlgren:AD273,GSR370a; Hànyǔ Dà Zìdiǎn:1.711.9; Mathews:7407; Kāngxī Zìdiǎn:217.02; Bǐshùn Guīfàn:027.1.03; Wáng(1993):138; EDOC:1
►Cantonese: yan\
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