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(F​) [] chicken; ​鸡 rooster; ​鸡 hen; 鸡​ hen's egg; 鸡​ chicken (meat); ​鸡​ “Kung Pao” Chicken; cf. ​/​

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²jī [​] {A} n.chicken〈environment:〉 slang prostitute M: ²zhī 只

The simple-form character 鸡 (7 strokes) is an abbrev. of an old variant ​ (21 strokes) of the full-form character ​ (18 strokes), replacing the full-form component ​ (10 strokes) with simply ​ (2 strokes), and simplifying the old right-side part ​ (11 strokes) to ​ (5 strokes).
    Note: The simple-form component ​ replaces various different complex full-form components, as in ​/​, ​/​, ​/​; cf. ​.
    The full-form character ​ (18 strokes) is itself an old variant of ​ (21 strokes), with ​ (zhuī) ‘short-tailed bird’ (8 strokes) instead of ​ (niǎo) ‘long-tailed bird’ (11 strokes).
    Note: ​ (13 strokes) is an old intermediary abbrev. form: 鸡 ← ​ ← ​.
    Note: In the simple form 鸡, the left side is abbrev. to a shape like ​ (yòu), not a traditional component of 鸡/​; ​ also replaces ​𦰩, cf. ​/​(​𩁘), ​/​(​𤁉).
    The Shuōwén Seal form of ​ jī ‘chicken/rooster’ combines ​ zhuī ‘short-tailed bird’, and ​ xī (phonosemantic); the farm animal/bird which knows what time it is, announcing the dawn; formerly wr. ​, and later ​/鸡.
    Compare: ​ xī ‘(tethered) fat-bellied (piglet); what/how (what time is it?)’.
    Note: Hens might also crow, if there is no rooster in the flock.
    Compare: ​/​ yīng ‘(talking) parrot’ (the bird which knows how to speak simply, like a baby).
    Compare: ​ jī ← MC /ki/; ​(​𨿘) zhì ‘pheasant’ ← MC /ɖieiʔ/ (SBGY).
►references: Karlgren:AD126; Hànyǔ Dà Zìdiǎn:7.4615.3; Bǐshùn Guīfàn:065.0.10; EDOC:0
►Cantonese: gai\
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Unicode: U+9E21
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