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(S​饿) [è] hungry (empty stomach; not full/satisfied); poor/lacking; (HDZ:) ​饿 (ant. ​); ​, ​ (​饿, ​饿)

One monosyllabic entry in The ABC Chinese-English Comprehensive Dictionary (namespace Ci):

¹è* 饿[​] {A} v. starves.v. hungry

    HDC: ​餓 : ​, ​西; ​ (​/​)
(Explanation from the entry for the simple form ​饿:) The Shuōwén Seal form of ​饿/餓(​􀸪) è ‘hungry’ (​饿) combines ​/​ (​􀷠𠊊) shí ‘eat/food’, and ​(​􂍪) wǒ (phonosemantic).
    Compare: ​(​􁘝) é ‘soon/tilt’; ​(​􁦵) é ‘stone/rock wall/cliff/precipice’; ​(​􁤪) é ‘towering/lofty’.
►references: Karlgren:GSR2o; Hànyǔ Dà Zìdiǎn:7.4456.2; Mathews:4785; Guǎngyùn:419.31; Kāngxī Zìdiǎn:1420.08; EDOC:1
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Unicode: U+9913
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