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From Wenlin Dictionaries

Pronunciations were spoken by the following people:

Female (女 nǚ):

  • CPJ: Chén Pèijūn 陈佩军, a.k.a. June Chen, 1996
  • WSM: Wáng Shuāngméi 王霜梅, 2017

Male (男 nán):

  • ZHN: Zhāng Hóngnián 張洪年, a.k.a. Prof. Samuel Cheung, 1996
  • GCH: Gāo Chénghuá 高承华, 2017
  • XWP: Xià Wěipín 夏伟频, 2017

For the recordings by CPJ and ZHN, the engineering was done by Peter Tennenbaum and Tom Bishop, and conversion from .WAV to .mp3 format by Richard Cook, ©1996-2016 Wenlin Institute, Inc. SPC. For all the other recordings, the engineering was done by Tom Bishop, ©2017 Wenlin Institute, Inc. SPC. All rights reserved.