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aa1 naa4 M.P. 〈a.p.a. aa1 laa4; a.w.a. 吖喇 aa1 laa3/4〉

See also 吖 aa1, 嗱 naa4

speaker makes a suggestionm4 ngaam1 heoi3 tai2 hei3 aa1 naa4 唔啱去睇戲吖嗱? Let's watch a movie then!

See also 㗎喇 gaa3 laa3, 個噃 go3 bo3

speaker exp. warningnei5 si3 haa5 zoi3 daa2 jan4 aa1 naa4 你試吓再打人吖嗱! See what happens to you if you beat someone up again!nei5 gong2 mat1 je5 aa3 tau4 sin1, diu2 nei5 lou5 mou5, ngo5 daa2 nei5 lou5 mou5 cau3 hai1 aa1 naa4 你講乜嘢啊頭先?𨳒你老母!我打你老母臭閪吖嗱! What did you say just now? Fuck your mother! I warn you I'm going to beat you up!

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