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The Wenlin Dictionaries Wiki is powered by the wonderful MediaWiki software, the same software used by the amazing Wikipedia and many other wikis. We should clarify that Wenlin Institute is completely distinct from the Wikimedia Foundation. We have different terms of service, policies, etc. Since we've customized and extended the MediaWiki software for Wenlin-specific purposes, we'll provide some Wenlin-specific help information on our own website. We'll also provide links to good general MediaWiki help information on other websites, especially

About MediaWiki in General

Specific to Wenlin

  • To look up any term in the dictionaries, enter it in the Search Wenlin Dictionaries box near the top-right corner of the window. (It's not the same as your browser's Search box! You may need to scroll to the top of the window to see it.) Most often you probably will want to press the Go button (or simply press Enter) to find your term as a headword. If you press the Containing... pop-up button instead of the Go button, you can do a search that includes entry contents rather than only headwords. (It might be too much information!)
  • To browse through the dictionaries, go to the Main page (use the link in the sidebar), follow the link for the dictionary of interest, and follow one of the List links there. Or, try the Random page link in the sidebar and see what happens!
  • You can set various preferences by following the Preferences link at the top of the window. The Wenlin-specific preferences are in the rightmost tab, labeled Wenlin.
  • The user's guide for the desktop Wenlin Software for Learning Chinese -- not about the Wenlin Dictionaries Wiki, specifically, but much of the information about dictionaries is relevant, and unfortunately we haven't written so much documentation about the wiki yet...
  • Source code on GitLab: [1]
  • Help:Logging_in
  • Help:Group_rights
  • Wenlin technical information about namespaces, etc.