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aa1 M.P. 〈a.w.a. 啊 aa1〉

See also 吖嘛 aa1 maa3, 吖嗱 aa1 naa4, 啊 aa3, 啦 laa1

speaker exp. agreement, concession, consenthou2 aa1 好吖! Good!gei3 jin4 keoi5 m4 dak1 haan4, gam2 ngo5 ting1 jat6 zoi3 lai4 gwo3 aa1 既然佢唔得閒,噉我聽日再嚟過吖 Since he's busy, I'll come here again tomorrowspeaker exp. disagreement or defensivenessngo5 zan1 hai6 m4 zi1, nei5 bik1 ngo5 dou1 mou5 jung6 aa1 我真係唔知,你逼我都冇用吖! I really don't know, so there's no use pressing me!〈used in intrg. sent.; speaker exp. impatience〉 speaker presses addressee for an answer to a questionnei5 gam1 maan5/1 lai4 m4 lai4 aa1 你今晚嚟唔嚟吖? Are you coming or not this evening?〈in some contexts similar to and interchangeable with 啦 laa1; exp. imperative to addressee〉 speaker makes suggestion with some insistencenei5 hou2 tou5 ngo6 aa3, jing1 goi1 sik6 do1 di1 aa1 你好肚餓啊,應該食多啲吖! You're quite hungry, so you should eat some more!

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