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aa3 M.P.〈makes declr. utt. sound less abrupt and assertive and more courteous; a.w.a. 呀 aa3〉

See also 吖 aa1

speaker exp. approval, admission, emph.ngaam1 aa3 啱啊! That's right!ngo5 hai6 aa3 我係啊 It's mengo5 mou5 syu1 aa3 我冇書啊 I don't have a book〈gives impv. utterance a more intim. and gentle tone〉 speaker requests addressee to do sth. or warns addressee about sth.gei3 dak1 bei3/2 din6 waa6/2 ngo5 aa3 記得畀電話我啊! Remember to give me a call!m4 hou2 lyun6/2 lai4 aa3 唔好亂嚟啊! Don't act irresponsibly and behave yourself!jan1 zyu6 aa3, dei6 haa6/2 hou2 waat6 gaa3 因住啊!地下好滑㗎! Watch out! The ground is very slippery!speaker exp. admiration or likingwaa4, gaa3 ce1 hou2 leng3 aa3 嘩!架車好靚啊! Wow! The car is really good looking!〈most com. intrg. M.P.〉 forms question and occurs in various types of structuresnei5 zung1 m4 zung1 ji3 keoi5 aa3 你鍾唔鍾意佢啊? Do you like her or not?keoi5 hai2 m4 hai2 dou6 aa3 佢喺唔喺度啊? Is he here or not?nei5 go3 neoi5/2 daai6 ding6 ngo5 go3 zai2 daai6 aa3 你個女大定我個仔大啊? Who is older, your daughter or my son?

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